A Church With the People At Heart

Please Join us for Vacation Bible School

June 13 and 14th 6:00-8:00 pm 

All are welcome - please bring your children out for this wonderful event. There will be fun, games, and crafts each night. 

Yes, Jesus Loves Me! 




















Presiding Pastor: Bishop Steven A. Mason


First Lady: First Lady Elsie Mason

Executive Administrator:
Sister Joanne Stewart


Assistant Administrator:
Sister Carolyn Wells

Ministerial Staff:

Elder Tony Dickey
Evangelist Janis Ellis
Elder Roger Burgess

Minister Yolanda Burgess

Board of Deacons:
Deacon Russell Wright
Deacon Odell Bruton
Deacon Russell Hubert
Deacon Tony Johnson

Finance Department: Sister Daphne Morris, Carolyn Wells 

Sunday School Department: Sister Joanne Stewart

Missionary Department: First Lady Elsie Mason

Out Reach Ministry: Evangelist Janis Ellis

Youth Department: Sister Tiara Ellis

Pastor Aide: Minister Yolanda Burgess, Carolyn Wells, Shaunda Woods, Bertha Athey 

Willing Workers: Brother James Christmas

Scholarship/Education: Sis. Tiara Ellis/ Min. Yolanda Burgess 

Usher Board: Sister Mary Garris

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