A Church With the People At Heart

Please Join us for Vacation Bible School

June 13 and 14th 6:00-8:00 pm 

All are welcome - please bring your children out for this wonderful event. There will be fun, games, and crafts each night. 

Yes, Jesus Loves Me! 



















Clergy's Ministry The Ministerial Staff is composed of ministers who conduct worship and
perform other spiritual functions under the tutelage of the Pastor.

Deacon's Ministry: The Deacon's Ministry consists of men who have been chosen by the Pastor to assist with church services and outreach to members and the local community.

Missionary: The Missionary Ministry's purpose is to go into the world with the "mission" of sharing their faith and persuading others to join them in their faith. The Missionaries often visit the sick and serve as mentors to other young women.

Christian Education: Christian Education provides classes for scriptural teaching and instructions as outlined in the Holy Bible

Sunday School: The Sunday School Ministry engages its students in learning and applying the Word of God with a focus on empowering them with the tools to change lives.

Vessels of Judah: The Vessels of Judah minister to the congregants through spirit led dancing.

Praise and Worship Team: The Praise and Worship Team renders musical selections and ushers in the spirit of worship during church services.

Scholarship Ministry: The Scholarship Ministry provides financial assistance to high school students pursuing post secondary education and assist students as well as parents with identifying available sources for financial aid

Youth Ministry: The Youth Ministry ministers to teenagers and young adults through mentoring, social activities, and fellowship.

Women's Ministry: The Women's Ministry encourages women to lead spirit-filled lives and become ambassadors for Christ

Willing Workers: The Willing Workers introduce new and existing members to active church participation.

Ushers: The Ushers greet and welcome members and visitors upon their arrival at church. In addition the ushers assist in the order of services

Outreach Ministry: The Outreach Ministry visits and ministers to individuals who are in need of Bible teaching and spiritual counseling. They minister to individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, and those who are homebound.

Children Ministry: The Children's Ministry, a component of the Youth Ministry, provides
Bible teaching and training for children ages 3-12 in church ministries and protocol.

Music Ministry: The Music Ministry uplifts and encourages the body of Christ through music, songs and worship. They also provide an avenue through which individuals may share their musical gifts with their various
                                                                                                    Psalms 150:6

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